How to backup and restore emails in cPanel manually

cPanel account migration is a common issue now a days. Migration from server to server is very easy and most of us are used to do it as it is automatic. Email accounts are automatically transferred in this system. But restoring your backup email accounts those are taken from cPanel backup wizard is little bit tricky. I will show you how to transfer email accounts from one cPanel server to another cPanel server manually.

To migrate your email accounts, follw these steps:


Old Server Task:

  1. Login to your old cPanel account.
  2. Go to Backup Wizard -> Back Up -> Full Backup
  3. Click on the “Generate Backup” button
  4. Download the backup file from File Manager -> home/username
  5. Extract the file and go to homedir -> mail -> (folder). You will find folders containing all Email IDs. All these folders are actually email accounts containing email data.
  6. Select all folders and compress to upload in the new cPanel account.


New Server Task:

  1. Login to your new cPanel account.
  2. Go to “Email Accounts” and recreate all email accounts those were in your previous cPanel accounts
  3. Go to File Manager -> mail -> (folder)
  4. Upload your compressed file here from the backup folder [Old Server Task(Point 6)]
  5. Extract the compressed file and you are done.

Now login to your email accounts and find all your data.

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